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Battle to be the first to reach Santa in the centre of the game board!
Play two ways: strategy based or with randomised gaming elements where you can look for magical Christmas items to help you win!
Enjoy an intense one-on-one Christmas experience, Seeking Santa is designed for 2 players only!
Play the game in under 30 minutes, leaving time to enjoy your victory as you enjoy the Christmas holidays!
For ages 5 and can be used an a first step introducing the critical thinking involved in full strategy games like Chess

Item Dimensions 22.00 x 15.50 x 3.70 cm
Number of Players 2

What is it?

A 2 player Christmas game to enjoy at the best time of year
Win the game by getting 2 Snowmen pieces to Santa first
Games last less than 30 minutes and the minimum age range is 5
Travel-sized and ideal for a coffee table by the fireplace
Chess for children: Introduce younger players to the concept of strategy and planning games
Two ways to play: A pure strategy game, or a Twist game including magical Christmas Forest cards

The battle to meet Santa this Christmas

Beautiful Christmas artwork and themes
A quick play time lets you jump straight in and have fun
Two ways to play: a more traditional strategy game OR fun and Christmas play style
Educational and helps to develop skills of planning, strategy and analytical thought for younger players

Game contents

Game contains: Game board, 24 pawn pieces, 3 clear pawn pieces, 1 Santa figurine, 1 rule book



Christmas Forest Cards

Playing the Twist game allows you to use magical Christmas Forest Cards; a fun gaming component to allow for some new moves, winning strategies and Christmas themes – great for younger players

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Größe 22 × 15,5 × 3,7 cm


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